Looking for Individual Medical Insurance?


Click the link above to be taken to a live page from Aetna Health Insurance webpage where you can quote and apply for coverage for yourself or a family plan. Aetna has a wide variety of plans to offer you, which will give you a good range of premiums to fit all budgets. Click below to get your quote started today, it’s fast & easy to get plan details and prices!


What happens after you click the link above?

You will be asked a basic series of questions about yourself and anyone who is applying for coverage and be provided with several proposals. At this point you have the option to apply for coverage if desired to proceed. Once you have obtained your quote, we will be notified by Aetna and will then be able to assist you with any questions you might have in the process and coverages. As your agent we will be notified if you apply for coverage and will at that time assist you with policy issuance and any policy service needs you have. We look forward to working with you and your family in finding affordable health insurance in Florida.

Click Below to Get your Free Health Insurance Quote!

It’s simple & easy! Click below and complete the information on Aetna’s secure website. You will get instant proposals with several deductible and premium options to fit all budgets. We will also get a copy of your quote and be here to assist you as needed in the process. Click below to get started today!


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