Equipment & Tools

Equipment policies can be written for contractors including those involved in carpentry, drywall, electrical, HVAC, masonry, plumbing and roofing; agricultural businesses including farming operations and landscaping; as well as other users of equipment including many general business operations.


Policy Coverage and Limits:

  • Scheduled or blanket coverage options available

  • Borrowed equipment

  • Replacement Cost valuation automatically applies to property five years old or newer. Any property older than five years (as of policy expiration date) will be covered at Actual Cash value.

  • Employee tools and work clothing (maximum $500 any one item).

  • Unscheduled Equipment (maximum $1,000 any one item)

  • Rental reimbursement

  • Rental equipment

  • Spare Parts and Fuel and Pollution Clean Up and Removal options

  • Special coverage package automatically includes basic limits for the following with higher limits available:

    • Additional debris removal expenses – $5,000

    • Expediting expenses – $1,000

    • Fire department service charges – $10,000

    • Inventory and appraisal – $10,000

    • Recharge of fire extinguishing equipment – $1,000

    • Reward of recovery of stolen equipment – $10,000


  • $500 minimum premium applies

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